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C. West, Est2 420-740 -myc IP Est2-myc West Est2-myc Rvb2-HA Rvb2-HA Est2 1-420 -myc Est2 420-740 -myc D GAL-Rvb2-HA GAL-Rvb2-HA GAL-Est1-myc GAL-Rvb2-HA GAL-Est1-myc GAL-Est1-myc IP Rvb2-HA West. Est1-myc IP Rvb2-HA West, Rvb1-HA GAL-Rvb1-HA GAL-Rvb1-HA GAL-Est2 1-420 -myc GAL-Rvb1-HA GAL-Est2 420-740 -myc Figure 1C, D, E Click here to download Figure(s): Figure 1CDE.eps IP Cdc13-myc, West. HA-Rvb2/HA-Bmh1 IP Cdc13-myc, West. HA-Rvb2/HA-Bmh1 HA-Rvb2 HA-Bmh1 Cdc13-myc HA-Rvb2 Cdc13-myc HA-Bmh1

W. Ip-cdc13-myc, Cdc13-myc No crosslink IP HA-Rvb2

W. Ip-cdc13-myc, Cdc13-myc 30 min formaldehyde crosslink HA-Rvb2 HA-Rvb2 HA-Rvb2

R. Ha, Rvb2 tlc1 HA-Rvb2 Cdc13-myc HA-Rvb2 Cdc13-myc tlc1 HA-Rvb2 HA-Rvb2 est1 HA-Rvb2 Cdc13-myc HA-Rvb2 Cdc13-myc est1 HA-Rvb2 C 30 min formaldehyde crosslink HA-Rvb2 Cdc13-myc HA-Rvb2, assyn. Cdc13-myc HA-Rvb2, pp.1-13

I. Ha-rvb2 and W. , HA-Rvb2 IP myc-Est2, West. myc-Est2 HA-Rvb2 HA-Rvb2 myc-Est2 HA-Rvb2 HA-Rvb2 myc-Est2 HA-Rvb2 myc-Est2 est1 IP myc-Est2

I. Ha-rvb2 and W. , HA-Rvb2 IP myc-Est2, West. myc-Est2 B myc-Est2 HA-Rvb2 HA-Rvb2 Figure 3