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Welcome to the HAL portal of the research unit "Quality of life and Psychopathological Health"  (QualiPsy).

 The studies conducted by QualiPsy come within the domain of occupational psychology, clinical psychology and psychopathology. They concern the analysis of the factors (individual, group, organisational and environmental) of the impairment vs. optimisation of the quality of life and mental health of the general adult population and in specific life situations (e.g., work, illness, situations of vulnerability).











Social support Need satisfaction Nurse Big Five Factors Capital Psychologique Leader empowering behaviours Hierarchical Confirmatory factor analyses Psychiatric Stress Confinement French Psychological Capital Questionnaire F-PCQ-24 Culture conditions Latent transition analysis Personnalité Health Psychological need satisfaction Burnout Psychological Need States at Work-Scale Within-domain exacerbation Latent profiles Latent transitions TSPT Bifactor exploratory structural equation modeling Latent profile analysis Thriving at work Satisfaction Exploratory structural equation modeling Invariance Motivation Bifactor Auto-efficacité Occupational groups Occupational health Person-centered analysis Ill-being Depression Petty tyranny Need frustration Hallucinations Social support at work Personality Perceived organizational support Latent profile analyses Organizational justice Rumination Self-efficacy Covid-19 Validation Confirmatory Hospital Capital psychologique Transformational leadership Interpersonal behaviors Espoir University students Organizational practices of career management Factor Analysis Perception Questionnaires Job demands Questionnaire du Capital Psychologique F-PCQ-24 Intensity and direction Anxiété Dropout Organizational commitment Clustering Intervention Ethical leadership Stress post-traumatique Qualitative Psychological capital Optimism Psychologie Occupational Psychological needs satisfaction Validation Profiles Militaires Medicinal mushrooms Well-being Resilience Empowerment Military personnel Lentinus edodes Management Dépression Positive and negative affect Hope Behavioral empowerment PTSD Résilience Analyse factorielle confirmatoire Food health benefit Need unfulfillment Optimisme Coronavirus Modélisation bifactorielle avec équations structurelles exploratoires Self-determination theory Overcommitment Anxiety